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Vet Tech Institute offers an 18-month program for students seeking the core skills for entry into the veterinary care field. The curriculum, facilities, on-site kennel, cohort instruction, and experienced faculty are all designed for student success.  

The curriculum design builds knowledge and skills to start a veterinary technician career through a specific sequence of instruction and skills practice. Course content covers a broad range of topics and complies with the AVMA's Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA) standards. 

Working hands-on with animals on-site throughout the program is essential to the curriculum. The learning facilities include well-equipped laboratories, surgical suites, animal-friendly classrooms, radiography suites, and on-site kennels.  

Our faculty share a passion for animals and teaching, and they bring their industry experience to the classroom. Program-specific faculty and a cohort of peers focused on the same goal provide a focused environment for your training. 

The best way to learn about our program is to visit us and see it all for yourself. We invite you to request more information today or schedule a visit!


What Does A Vet Tech Do? 

Veterinary Technicians, or vet techs, are an important part of the animal health care team. They can support a veterinarian in the same way that the whole medical team supports a human doctor.  

As a vet tech you are trained to: 

  • Give vaccines and injections
  • Assess sick patients
  • Run laboratory tests
  • Apply bandages and splints
  • Assist in surgery
  • Administer anesthesia
  • Take x-rays and ultrasounds
  • Clean teeth
  • Dispense prescriptions
  • Chart medical information
  • Educate families   

A vet tech thus can be at different times like a nurse, laboratory technician, surgical assistant, radiology technician, dental hygienist, pharmacy technician, patient educator, and even a nutritionist! 


Essential Skills

Programs accredited by the AVMA's Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA) are required to instruct and evaluate each student's knowledge or skill in a comprehensive range of areas.  Proficiency in these skills helps you to be ready to perform your role on the animal health care team.  The programs at all Vet Tech Institute locations are currently accredited by the CVTEA.  

Check out the list of skills by clicking here! 

To see the essential functions you will need to perform in the program, please see the Essential Functions in The AVTE Disabilities Task Force Report. 



The curriculum's focus is on veterinary care for cats and dogs, but it also covers exotics, lab animals, and farm animals. Classes provide plenty of hands on instruction. You will be required to participate in in kennl duty on a regular basis. You will also spend 8 weeks on an externship to practice what you have learned and make industry contacts!  

Most courses in the 18-month program directly prepare you with the tools for a successful veterinary technician career.  

As a student you'll concentrate on the following areas: 

  • Animal Behavior 
  • Animal Husbandry 
  • Veterinary Nursing 
  • Veterinary Medical Terminology 
  • Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Laboratory Procedures 
  • Veterinary Nutrition 
  • Veterinary Clinical Pathology 
  • Anesthesia
  • Pharmacology 
  • Surgical Nursing 
  • Radiology 
  • Preparation for the VTNE National Certification Exam 

To read course descriptions, visit your nearest campus page and click on the link for the catalog.  









Student Activities 

Our schools offer students the opportunity to belong to a student organization focused on both recreation opportunities and activities related to the animal career field. The specific activities are decided on and planned by student leadership under the guidance of an instructor who oversees the group. Joining is a great way for you to meet new friends and begin networking in preparation for your future career! 

Our History 

The first location of the Vet Tech Institute was part of Median School of Allied Health Careers, founded in Pittsburgh, PA  in 1958. Since then the Vet Tech Institute has grown to four locations across the United States. 

At the Vet Tech Institute, faculty from the four locations share teaching methods, curriculum ideas, and resources. As a result, students at the Vet Tech Institute gain from being part of a well-respected and larger institution, with the benefits of a smaller school.  

All locations maintain the same strong focus on student success and hands-on experience. Ready to learn more? Request Information or better yet, schedule your visit. We offer individual tours so you and your family can see things first hand and ask questions.   

Student Services

Our students are our priority and we offer a variety of student services that can help our students move down the path to graduation. From financial aid, academic advising and housing assistance, Vet Tech Institute can help. You can expect individualized assistance from us starting in admissions and continuing through career placement services.

Although the school cannot guarantee employment in the field of study, Vet Tech Institute is committed to helping graduates find jobs working in the animal health care field by providing contacts and guidance.