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Accessibility at The Vet Tech Institute 

We are striving to make our website accessible for all users including individuals with disabilities. To ensure individuals with disabilities have access to our website, we provide the following information:

Website Accessibility

We are working to adopt the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 Level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI) as our website accessibility standard and are working to ensure that our websites comply with that standard. We are also working to ensure that any applications for mobile devices comply with WCAG 2.0 AA to the extent possible and within our control.

For more insight about website accessibility visit the Web Accessibility Initiative website 

We routinely test this website using Google Chrome's Accessibility Audit. scores a 95 (of 100).

A sampling of Accessibility steps taken:

  • Skip Links functionality
  • Alternative text for appropriate images and other non-text elements.
  • ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attributes for additional information about links and indication of new browser windows.
  • Structural markup to indicate headings and lists (semantics) to aid in page comprehension.
  • Association of form fields with labels, and form error messages with ARIA attributes to the form field.
  • Association of all data cells in a data table with their headers and only using table structures for tabular data (not for design).
  • All pages have page titles and title tags written for easy comprehension of the page content.
  • JavaScript and style sheets to enhance the appearance and functionality of the site. If these technologies are not available, our page design helps ensure graceful degradation.
  • All links and buttons can be accessed with a keyboard in a logical tab order, and all content is read to assistive technologies in the correct reading order.

PDF (Portable Document Format) Files

Many of the documents on this site are in PDF format. Publications in PDF can be viewed and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader® or other PDF readers. We work to make our PDFs accessible for use with assistive technology such as screen readers like JAWS or NVDA. This includes "tagging" for alternate text in images, table headings in data tables, and semantic structural elements like headings and lists. We also set the language and title attributes in the properties so assistive technologies know what language and pronunciation to use. Some of our older PDFs may not have these features. If you encounter a PDF that you cannot read, please use the contact information below to let us know and to request an alternative format for the information.

If you do not already have a screen reader on your computer, there are free screen readers available on line such as the open source screen reader NVDA.

If you would like more information about PDF accessibility, visit the Adobe website accessibility section For more help with Acrobat files generally and a link to download Acrobat Reader visit the site help page

Gainful Employment Files

The United States of American Department of Education mandates that we provide certain program and financial information utilizing the Department of education's website template. More information about the template can be found here:

We are unable to optimize these pages for accessibility as the United States of American Department of Education mandated template does not allow for such accessibility. If you are unable to view the Gainful Employment information, please email us at and we will be happy to provide you with the information in an alternate format.

Usability Tips

Most browsers have built-in accessibility features that our websites support, from the ability to change colors, contrast, and text size to using screen readers and skip controls. 

To zoom in or out on a web page:

  • Windows OS: To zoom in press CTRL + PLUS SIGN (+). To zoom out press CTRL + MINUS SIGN (-).
  • Mac OS: To zoom in press COMMAND + PLUS SIGN (+). To zoom out press COMMAND + MINUS SIGN (–). To change foreground and background colors:
  • Internet Explorer: Select Tools > Internet Options > General dialog page, and the Colors button. Check the dialog boxes to set individual preferences.
  • Firefox PC: Select button labelled Firefox (orange) at top of screen > Options. In the dialog box, select Content > Fonts & Colors.
  • Firefox MAC: Select button labelled Firefox (orange)at top of screen > Preferences > Content> Color.
  • Chrome PC & MAC: Select the "hamburger" icon (for older PC version it’s a wrench) at top of screen > Settings > Show Advanced Settings (for older PC versions Select Advanced Content) and scroll to Web Content.
  • Safari PC & MAC: Is only possible by using style sheets or installing an extension theme. To use a style sheet Select the gear icon at top of screen > Preferences > Advanced > Style sheet.

Help us make this website more accessible

The Vet Tech Institute strives to make this website as accessible as it can be for all of our visitors. If you have any problems accessing information on this website please let us know. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please call our support at 412.781.7400. You can also e-mail us at

Alternative Formats

The Vet Tech Institute strives to make available to our site visitors information about our school in alternative formats, including large print and electronic. We plan to work towatds creating audio versions of much of our site. Visitors may request an alternative format by emailing us at The types of documents available in alternative format should include program descriptions, financial aid information, and general school information.

Electronic format materials satisfy, whenever possible, WCAG 2.0 Conformance Level AA Success Criteria and can be opened and read in a commonly used software program (such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader) with assistive technology such as screen readers and text enlargement software. 

Large Print materials satisfy, whenever possible, the Best Practices and Guidelines for Large Print Documents used by the Low Vision Community, issued by the Council of Citizens with Low Vision for printing and binding Large Print materials, and are at least 16 point font (and 18 point font where possible). 


Privacy Policy

(provided here for convenience)

At Vet Tech Institute we strive to educate our visitors about how to appropriately safeguard their privacy when traveling on the Web because we are committed to protecting your privacy. Our information collection practices are described below.

What Information is Collected?

We take the issue of privacy very seriously. We only ask visitors to submit personally identifiable information (such as their full names, addresses, email addresses, phone number etc.), when it is necessary to ensure participation in online activities, such as submitting an online request form. We make clear the reason we are collecting the information and what will be done with the information so that our visitors can make an informed choice when they voluntarily submit personally identifiable information to Vet Tech Institute does not sell, trade or transfer personally identifiable information to a third party. Also, Vet Tech Institute does not allow any advertisements on our site.

Bradford Schools Inc is permitted to contact individuals with whom they have a business relationship via any contact information provided, including telephone, text messages, email, and postal mail. To unsubscribe from emails, follow the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of each message. To be removed from future postal mailings or from being contacted via telephone, please email with your name and contact information. Standard carrier fees apply for text messages. To opt out of receiving text messages from Bradford Schools and their affiliated schools, please email  

Cookies and Log Data

Cookies are information that your web browser places on your computer when you visit a website. is able to access only the cookies that it sets on your computer and we are only able to determine things like the type of computer operating system, and browser that you and other visitors are using. collects this information in the aggregate in order to improve access to our content based on our visitors' browsers and operating system types to make our content available to as many users as possible. You can, of course, disable cookies on your computer by indicating this in the preferences or option menu or your browser. Log data collected on web servers supplies us with aggregate information about the number of visits to different pages of our site and how you found our site, such as through search engines or other website. We use this information only for improving our site.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, we can be reached at the phone numbers listed for each campus.






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